welcome to new york (i wish)

As trite as it sounds, heading off to New York has always been a dream of mine. The bustle of the city, the fashion scene, the culture, the fact that you can go shopping at a three story Forever 21 at 2 AM... Hopefully I'll be able to live in Manhattan once I go off to college or graduate school or thereafter, despite how insanely expensive it is. I have this vision in my mind of stepping off a train in New York with every cheesy New-York-themed pop song I can think of pumping. It would be glorious.

Anyway, for now, my cheesy New York city shirt will suffice.

Top: American Eagle (similar here, here, and here
Jeans: American Eagle (similar here and here
 Jacket: Hawke & Co. via Macy's (similar here
Boots: Express (similar here

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